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Aug 3 / King Kaufman

Shoutouts: Pieces on Kyle Orton, MLB trades and … quidditch?

It’s been busy around here in the last week with the new writer ranking system and a site redesign. Here are a couple of Shoutouts I’ve been sitting on for a few days:

On Thursday, Adam Wells published a slideshow detailing the five reasons Kyle Orton would be a perfect fit with the Miami Dolphins.

It’s often hard to come up with a good lede for a slideshow, but Wells did a great job here. The rumored trade that the story was built around, Orton to the Dolphins, did not happen after all, but that doesn’t take away from what Wells wrote when it was a possibility.

As the MLB trade deadline passed, Asher Chancey took a creative approach to grading the winners and losers: He ranked all 30 teams according to how angry the fan bases were in response to the team’s activity. The Phillies, with new right fielder Hunter Pence, were at No. 30, meaning their fans were the happiest. Who do you think was at No. 1?

And for an unserious take on an unserious subject, self-professed nerd, dork and “Harry Potter” lover Gabe Zaldivar has some issues with the Quidditch World Cup.

Don’t miss the debate in the comments about whether “muggle quidditch” is really a sport that the NCAA should consider sanctioning.