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Apr 25 / King Kaufman

Videos: See how B/R’s editorial operation works and helps writers

The NFL Draft begins tonight. If it didn’t sound silly to say, we would say the NFL Draft is Bleacher Report’s Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is Bleacher Report’s Super Bowl, but in just about every way, the draft is even bigger for B/R. It lends itself to what we do: Forward-looking analysis that features deep dives into a topic for every team, not just a league-wide view that dips into individual teams’ situations.

This year it’s also giving B/R a chance to present in-depth live coverage of every single pick, all three days, for the first time. And on Saturday, what figures to be the best-ever Writer Meet-up, which if you hurry you can still RSVP to by sending me an email.

I think it’s also a good time to explain how Bleacher Report works. We recently made three videos that describe how B/R’s editorial process runs, how writers can develop their careers here, and how B/R stories reach their audience. Check them out here.